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Baby Shower Bingo

I don’t play shower games.  I avoid them like the plague.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for parties and presents for special events. Just hate the standard games that go along with them.  However, I wanted to do something special for my niece (as I am her favorite aunt).  As with many things, my thoughts turned to pictures.  I have many baby photos of her and my original thought was to make a soccer ball shaped centerpiece for her.  That idea failed miserably.  Since her name has 5 letters, I thought of something with Bingo.

I had the general idea of bingo and photos, but it took a little time to work out the details: I would use a standard 5×5 bingo card with pictures instead of numbers.  The mother-to-be would draw pictures of herself from a pile and the players would mark off the square.  For some extra fun, my niece would be challenged to identify each of the pictures (she did pretty well).  The first to get a traditional bingo run (up, down or diagonal) would win.  The winner would, of course, say my niece’s name instead of “bingo.” This last part is optional and does run dangerously close to your average shower game, but I had to give the purists something.

Now the big problem: making the cards.  I needed 30 cards with different photos in different spots (it wouldn’t be a contest if everyone had the same card).  While I could make each by hand, I really didn’t want to.  It was time for an Internet search.  I finally found the program that would generate random cards using pictures; a website I’ve used before – is a wonderful collection of open source projects that are all available for free download without ads and safe from malware.  was developed by a language teacher to generate cards for his students.  It is easy to download and use and allows you to customize your cards completely (you can even include the free space in the middle).  The cardset is generated for you and stored in a folder.  Each card is saved as a different image file and can be viewed before printing (so you don’t waste ink if you need to modify the cards).  I did discover that cropping the photos to a square before I uploaded them made the cards look more like traditional bingo cards. To make the game a bit more interesting, I decided to upload 30 photos and any given card used only 25.

FYI – I still didn’t play.

Bingo Card 04            Bingo Card 01

Bingo Card 02           Bingo Card 03