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Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer


Did you get engaged this Christmas or Valentine’s Day? Congratulations!  One of the many decisions you’ll need to make is which photographer to hire.  Since you’ll have the pictures long after the last piece of cake is eaten, it’s an important decision.  Here are some tips that could help you decide:

Plan to hire someone.  With digital cameras it is tempting to think that you can just collect photos from all of your friends.  Even if you are able to collect the photos (collecting photos from people is harder than it should be); it is unlikely that they will measure up to professional photos.  Your guests will probably not possess the skills or the equipment necessary for high quality shots.  The photographer also has another role – to make sure that all of the “must-have” photos are taken.   Photos from your guests are a wonderful gift, but not a replacement.

Get names.  Ask your friends, family and other wedding professionals for recommendations.   Personal references are usually quite helpful; combine them with online searches to cover your bases.

Check out their websites.  Every photographer has one (beware if they don’t) and there should be plenty of samples.  You might also be able to get an idea of the photographer’s personality from his or her website.

Attend bridal shows.  True, photographers are there to sell; but you can see samples from several in one location and meet the photographers (and other vendors).

Consider the photographer’s personality.  This is someone that you will be spending a lot of time with.  Do you get the sense that he or she truly enjoys weddings? Is it someone that you like?  Do your personalities match or complement each other?  Can this person remain polite to all of the guests, all day long?

Does it matter to you if your photographer is a man or a woman?  Most weddings include a fair number of “getting- ready” photos.  Will the bride be comfortable with a man taking these photos?

What is included in the photo package?  Will you get full resolution files of your photos, or just proofs?  What about copyright permission? Make sure that the contract states everything clearly including a timeline and emergency policies.

Check into the extras.  Is there an Online Gallery where family and friends can view and/or purchase photos?  Is the photographer an experienced editor that can Photoshop where needed?  Will the photographer help you choose the photos for your album or are you on your own?  Keep all of this in mind when comparing costs. Make sure that you are comparing photo packages with similar features.